Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday, June 6, 2008

OpenSolaris OS and NetBeans IDE 6.1

Open solaris Review
When I installing the OS it is cool to install then when I got a problem making on part ion the disk after it is ok, after finishing installation. It work fine for few days then I got problem, it shows Grub boot loader it shows all the OS pat ions a Solaris, XVM Solaris, safe failure state and Windows when I prompt to Solaris it switch into text mode with read-only access not getting GUI OS.
I done update the OS it will not correcting my problem again same condition so
I have do any thing wrong may I loose date so I am working in windows mode
How to resolve such kind of trouble shooting can be solved for student because we do not have much knowledge on system administration.
When I developing programs it is so cool and I enjoyed a lot
Net beans 6.1 beta
It is cool platform regard development and GUI tools and more stuff
1) I have been working on different programming language such as Java and Ruby this is right corner to develop the right application.
2) It takes time to right configuration or else it got the error then it works fine
3) To do work on UML concepts and development tools and testing tools,
4) Actually good tool for Java developer when I enjoy with Swing components with develop good project for my intern project I done very well.
5) It is good to develop and I need to learn and do more on get expert on this IDE for my future projects and career.
I need to study my academics as well as do practical for experience make fun with Net Beans and open Solaris I really love this two platforms very well.
Thanking you

Monday, April 14, 2008

NetBeans wonder

Hi friends
Net beans provide more cool and comfort platform for development over the technologies as C++, Java, Ruby and more we can create plenty of Application can development from Design to Deployment on single platform and IDE which can destitute at free of cost
It help me a lot for my project and it teach many things to learn my self a lot from this technologies techniques and may.
I have tools and servers such as in Net Beans IDE 6.1 it contains to improve on Game Development and add Lua is free as and it will placed into this IDE make to develop good Embedded System to Support and development add new features to improve to do UML in enterprise link consistence with SQL binding directly make more easy with create more link and test case in robust code such as php code analysis to do better invocation techniques done and I have lot of fun when I using the this beta version
Thanks for net beans team
So much
Yours srinivsa developer